Viomagz template 6 color blogger Responsive

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Evomagz 4.3.0

Theme or Template Blog is one of the Blogger platforms that influence on a blog or your website. 

Why do templates have an effect for websites? 

Since the largest structure template can affect the loading speed of a web, it can be called the template the main factor in a website.

So in essence, choosing a theme or template is to make your website look nice and SEO friendly in the eyes of google and the visitors, even a lot of people say slow loading visitors week 

However, most users only care about the visual aspect of a theme, but ignore the technical side.

There are several premium themes or templates that you can try:

Viomagz template 4 color

Feature/Excess VioMagz 4.3.0

• 100% Responsive 

 100% Responsive across all screen sizes 

• SEO Ready 

• Fast Loading 

Fast Loading without sacrificing design 

• Optimized Ads 

There is an automatic ad slot feature in the center of the article and below the article to help improve the advertising CTR 

• Support Designer Theme Blogger Fe 

If pal doesn't like the default color of this template, pal can change it as he wants through the Blogger Theme Designer menu 

• Using Schema Markup 

Schema Markup to help search engines understand buckwheat blogs 

• Breadcrumb Navigation 

• Auto Readmore 

• Pop-Up Search Form 

• Sticky Widgets 

• Widget Related Posts 

• Cool Responsive Sharing Button 

• Numbered Page Navigation 

• Back to Top Button 

• Custom Error page 

• No Credit Link

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