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Kumparan.com is Indonesia's collaborative media platform as a place to read, create and share various news and information. More than just digital media, Kumparan carries a collaborative and interactive platform built through the latest innovations and technology. According to their official website, Kumparan upholds credibility, and upholds the ethics of journalism.

Now for those of you who like the design of the Kumparan site, this time themelix will share a blogger template similar to kumparan.com. This template is an update from the previous V1 coil template with various features in it. So you could say, this V2 coil template is very feature-rich

2Google Testing Tool ValidatorcheckCheck
3Mobile FriendlycheckCheck
4SEO Friendlycheck-
5Recent Post Widgetcheck-
6Slider Post Widgetcheck-
7Random Post Widgetcheck-
8Fixed Navigationcheck-
9Retina Displaycheck-
10Custom 404 Pagecheck-
11Related Postscheck-
12Search Boxcheck-
13Social Share Buttoncheck-
143 Ads Slot in Articlecheck-
153 Style Comments (Blogger, Facebook, dan Disqus)check-
16Sticky Footercheck-
173 Kolomcheck-
18Tidak Ada Sidebarcheck-
191 Kolom Footercheck-

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