Download the Latest KingRoot (All Versions)

Download the Latest KingRoot APK - Hello friends, how are you today ?. In this article, I will share an application that is very useful for you, especially for those who are looking for an application to root your smartphone. 

KingRoot is an Android application, which was created for the purpose of rooting smartphones. This application is made by KingRoot studio and is available for free. If you want to download the latest updated KingRoot , of course you are on the right website.

For those who don't know, Root  is access to change, or edit system files easily. By having root access, you can delete default Apps or System Apps, improve performance, and what I like best is that we can edit the display to install Custom ROMs  and much more.

KingRoot Application Features

1) One-Click Root:

This feature allows you to quickly get root access on Android with just one click / tap on the device screen.

2) Free:

The KingRoot application is a free Android application, and you can download and use it without paying a cent. So just by downloading the APK file, install it on your device.

3) No Need Internet Connection:

KingRoot application does not require internet connection to get Root.

4) Data Not Lost:

If you use the KingRoot application to get root on your smartphone or tablet, you don't need to worry about losing data. All personal data on your Android smartphone such as pictures, videos, contacts, music, etc., will not be affected by using this KingRoot application.

5) 99% Success Rate

Kingroot has been able to root 98.2% of the total devices that use it to root. This is the highest success rate in the field.

6) Supports Multiple Device Models

The models that have been successfully rooted by the kingroot app are 104,136 models, the highest number that has been achieved compared to other similar competing apps.

Download the Latest KingRoot (All Versions)

  1. Kingroot v5.4.0 *Versi Terbaru
  2. Kingroot v5.3.8 * 21 Desember 2019
  3. Kingroot v5.3.7 * 15 Desember 2018
  4. Kingroot v5.3.5 *07 Januari 2018
  5. Kingroot v5.3.3 *01 Januari 2018
  6. Kingroot v5.3.2 *21 Desember 2017
  7. KingRoot v5.3.0 *25 Oktober 2017
  8. KingRoot v5.2.2 *15 September201
  9. KingRoot v5.2.1 *24 Juli 2017
  10. KingRoot v5.20 *11 Juli 2017
  11. KingRoot v5.2.0 *14 Juni 2017
  12. KingRoot v5.1.2 *19 Mei 2017
  13. KingRoot v5.1.0 *11 Mei 201
  14. KingRoot v5.0.6 
  15. KingRoot v5.0.5
  16. KingRoot v5.0.4 
  17. KingRoot v5.0.3
  18. KingRoot v5.0.2_2017_01_13
  19. KingRoot v5.0.1_2016_12_25
  20. KingRoot v5.0.0_2016_11_23

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