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LinkMagz Template version 2.0.0 latest is the latest template created by Mas Sugeng, after the template VioMagz version 3.0 and arguably very good design and very responsive.

Now that the template has reached version 2.0.0 with regards to improvements and improvements to the appearance of the template, this template is made with a truly current trend, i.e. Dark Mode facilities, it's a feature that makes it cool and has really been optimised to work well, so the basic color change to dark colors really fits the overall look.

LinkMagz Template Settings Version 2.0.0 This latest can be done in full in your Blogger Dashboard layout, so if you want to edit the navigation menu do not bother to go to the menu Edit HTML, even LinkMagz Template version 1.9.0 latest This can create special posts about products and services, if you want to sell or create an e-Commerce online site.

Regarding LinkMagz Template version 2.2.0 latest There are many other features, you can see below for more details.

Features Template LinkMagz version 2.2.0 Latest:

  1. It's clear responsive 100%
  2. Problem SEO Ready
  3. Fast Loading
  4. Adsense Ready
  5. Ads Optimized
  6. Theme Designer Support
  7. Using Schema Markup
  8. Icon Using SVG
  9. Breadcrumb Navigation
  10. Auto Readmore
  11. Pop-Up Search Form
  12. Related Posts Widget
  13. Responsive Shared Button
  14. Infinite Scroll Navigation
  15. Back to Top Button
  16. Custom Error Page
  17. No Credit Link

Changelog Template LinkMagz version 2.2.0 Latest:

V. 1.0.0 (March 04, 2020)

V. 1.1.0 (March 05, 2020)
-Improved display of error navigation menu if the menu there are many
-Fix post view on homepage error due to conflict with code in the post

V. 1.2.0 (March 13, 2020)
-Fix breadcrumb double on the product page if the product post uses a label other than "Product " or "service "
-Improved Mobile version navigation menu does not show all if the menu there are many
-Improved order button via WhatsApp error if post title contains quotation marks
-Caption Correction does not blend with the image
-Improved author name, comment, and label cannot be disabled via layout
-Add CSS download button just like VioMagz (how to apply please read the guide)
– Fixed thumbnail aspect ratio  "No image "/Post without image

V. 1.3.0 (17 March 2020)
-Improved HTML editing menu in the classic version of dashboards often crash
-Improved auto Fullwidth feature of first image post in mobile version
-Add option to change TOC titles via widget code template settings
-Add option to display full article on homepage (how to apply please read guide)
-Add a static page menu widget in the footer

V. 1.4.0 (27 March 2020)
-Featured Post Widget improvements sometimes appear on post pages when first installing a template
-Fix caption of first image post not Fullwidth
-Fix text inside tag pre out limit
-Fixed numbers on TOC not sequential in Firefox browser
-Add default menu  "Home " in navigation menu

V. 1.5.0 (03 April 2020)
-Improved Search button feature, sticky menu, and scroll to top does not work in Internet Explorer browser
-Improved ad spacing in the middle of articles with less neat paragraphs
-Fixed numbers in TOC that sometimes did not appear
-Add support social media icons WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google Maps, and Telegram
-Add Sticky sidebar feature (works only in modern browsers)

-Add option to disable Fullwidth feature of first image post via widget code setting template
-Add Show/hide option on TOC

V. 1.6.0 (April 10, 2020)
-Add related posts feature in middle of article
-Add 3 Default template color options namely black, red, green
-Color correction the scroll to top button does not adjust to the navigation menu color
– AdSense Auto-ads fixes appear in poorly-fitting locations
-Improved AdSense ad size improvements do not match the available space
-Fixed post label name not appearing on homepage if post without image
-And some other minor improvements

V. 1.7.0 (April 13, 2020)
-Repair paragraphs with each other if related post in the middle of the post is not present or disabled
-Fix paragraphs with each other on product pages
-Fix posts that are being read come up in related posts below the Post
-Improved Product List view sometimes randomize if inside product description load tag <b>
-Improved ads in the middle of articles piled up below if the post paragraphs were a little
-Changes By default product posts are displayed on the homepage, in previous versions not

V. 1.8.0 (April 17, 2020)
-Fix paragraphs sometimes still have a attached
-Fix HTML widget title does not appear
-Add option to resize logo in theme designer menu
-Add option to set the number of related posts via Widget Code setting template
-Pricing information on product posts is displayed on the front page
-TOC (Table of content) can be installed in static pages
-Optimization of loading speed. GTmetrix score becomes 100/100, previous score 99/100

V. 1.9.0 (01 May 2020)
-Correction of image captions that are out of bounds if the text stands out
-Improved aspect ratio of the logo title that is not or less appropriate
-Fix Facebook Share button that does not work on some Android devices or mobile phones
-And some other minor improvements.

V. 2.0.0 (06 May 2020)
-Fix section related posts that don't appear if the mobile version theme settings are enabled on Blogger.
-Rectification on the content position of the footer text widget that returns at default when the template is reinstalled.
-Improved ad position of AdSense type full width The middle of the article is not centered.

Here's the download link and the way it is, if you want to download this new LinkMagz version 2.2.0 Template for free without buying, then you must skip the SafelinKU link in advance as a donation blog, Heheheee...
How to install or Setup LinkMagz Template version 2.2.0 latest HERE

Download LinkMagz v2.0.0 Terbaru 2020

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