Origin ZEO Responsive Blogger Templates

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Origin ZEO Responsive Blogger Templates

This template is not a template that I created, I participated in sharing this template because it is already scattered on the internet so for creators in please understand because I just share to friends friends who are looking for a template for his blog

The Admin recommends you purchase the original template on the owner. Or if there is creditlink of the owner please appreciate their work by not deleting the creditlink listed in this template. If a friend likes this template please download, the link has been provided below. Use this template wisely.


  1. Responsive
  2. Google Testing Tool Validator
  3. Mobile Friendly
  4. SEO Friendly
  5. Personal Blog
  6. Recent Post Widget
  7. Featured Post Widget
  8. Recent Post by Label Widget
  9. Fixed Navigation
  10. Shortcodes
  11. 2 Style (Blogger and Disqus Comments)
  12. Custom 404 Page
  13. 2 Column
  14. Flat Design
  15. Breaking News Widget
  16. Related Posts with Thumb
  17. Search Box
  18. Social Share Button
  19. Email Subscribe Box
  20. Back to Top Button
  21. Notification Menu
  22. Header Ads Slot (Style 2)
  23. Sidebar Author Box (Style 2)
  24. More...


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